Lee Davis and Corey Smith

Maysville, Ga.-based musician and producer Lee Davis has a long history with folk-indie phenomenon Corey Smith. Davis co-produced, engineered and played various instruments on Smith’s albums “In the Mood, “Good Life and his most recent release, 2007’s “Hard-Headed Food.”

The songs on “Hard-Headed Fool” showcase a confident young artist in full command of his gift. Always a very visual songwriter, Smith’s lyrics have even greater depth and poignancy than before.

“The album, I think, is largely about that. It’s about being human. It’s about dealing with our selves and our mistakes and trying to turn them into something good.” -Davis.

The team of Davis and Smith goes way back, “I’ve known Corey all his life and I actually played in a band with Corey’s dad back in the 80s,” Davis says. “The first time Corey was ever on stage, he was a little kid and I was right there playing piano.” 

Eventually Smith developed his own unique sound – a mix of pop, blues, folk and country that has won over a fiercely-devoted fan base.

“When Corey called me and asked me to produce his record, I was like ‘wow, he’s all grown up now,’” Davis recalls. “We had a lot of fun working on those records and I'm proud to be a part of that. It's very cool to be performing them on stage and thinking back to when we were recording them in the studio before anybody knew.”

Corey Smith, a resident of Athens, Ga., is currently on a national tour as his audiences have continued to grow from his roots playing for rowdy crowds in North Georgia bars. 

Davis recorded Smith’s albums at his studio, Lee Davis Music, in the quaint town of Maysville, Ga. Davis’ studio is especially focused on producing music for up-and-coming singers and bands.