Lee Davis performs on live concert DVD with John Berry

Davis tours with world class country singer 

There’s no better stage show on earth than a John Berry show and now Georgia’s own Lee Davis can be seen touring with the Nashville superstar.  Berry, the singer of hits such as “Your Love Amazes Me” and “She’s Taken a Shine” is about to release a new double-DVD live concert album featuring one of Berry’s famed Christmas concerts as well as a live show filmed at the State Theater in Kalamazoo, Mich.

Davis, a veteran pianist, songwriter, composer and producer, toured with Berry and played piano in live shows.

“I love working with John,” Davis says of Berry’s live tours. “He’s a great singer. He’s just a pure artist.”

Berry has been a Nashville singing sensation since the early 90s. He has released one platinum record (“John Berry”) and two gold records, “Standing on the Edge” and “Faces.” His annual Christmas concerts have become a fan staple and Berry has released four Christmas albums.

“After working with so many signers over the years, you get to be kind of discerning about which singers you want to work with,” says Davis. “There are certain signers that are good and then there are some that are just world class and there’s no better. John is one of those people. That’s what makes him a great artist.”